Suh-Tweet: Twitter is Officially Stupid


Suh-Tweet is a new word that I invented today. It is a play on the word “sweet”. Say it everybody: Suh-tweet. Kinda like “so sweet” except instead of sweet we say tweet.

Best of Stupid is officially on Twitter. That’s right folks, you are free to stalk our latest updates here. For you Twitter addicts out there, that’s kind of suh-tweet.

For those of you who don’t know what the heck Twitter is, consider yourself blessed, as you still have the opportunity to save yourself from being sucked into a time killing pointless vacuum. You should stop reading this post and hide under a rock as fast as you can if you are not on Twitter. SAVE YOURSELF.

You can officially declare something as stupid when you are sitting in the waiting room somewhere stuck watching some mainstream news channel and instead of reporting the news, the news anchors instead are talking for 30 minutes about Twitter and who they are following. Apparently knowing that someone we don’t know spilled coffee all over herself this morning is WAY more important than things like health care or world poverty.

It is also annoying that everytime you visit their page they ask you “What are You Doing?”

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Lifestyle Upgrade!

Who doesn’t like taking things to the next level? Upgrading your life means living in a way that is comfortable to you. For me that means a home that is spacious, a career that is rewarding and hobbies that are fun as well as adventurous. Getting to the next level is what’s tricky. There is a thing called the transitional period, and more often than not, it is very uncomfortable. Rest assure, there are ways to get through it.

For instance, just recently I made the decision that I wanted a home that is bigger, quieter, and in the same neighborhood that I am currently living in. Now once making the decision, I had to put action behind the idea (big hint, without action, you are just standing still with wonderful fantasies).

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How Much Money Do You Need To Live And Work Abroad?

Have you ever wondered whether you would be able to live and work abroad?  Have you wondered how to get the most out of your travels abroad?  Read on as our guest poster teaches us To Make A Living abroad.

Moving to another country, to learn a new culture, to find better weather or just generally a better way of life is a dream that many people have, but the reality of life is that few people ever follow this dream.

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The Biggest “Value” in Value Investing…

By far, the biggest value that “value” investing has is that it’s principles can be applied – successfully – to a broad range of asset classes. It’s a mental and emotional framework that provides a recipe for success.

To some this may be a “duh” moment.

However, the reason I bring this up is that many investors pigeon-hole themselves into only publicly traded common stocks with value investing and ignore potentially fantastic returns in other assets. If you were to look at the portfolio of Baupost Group manager Seth Klarman, you would probably see a broad array of assets, some of which would probably leave you scratching your head a bit. But the mental framework is being applied.

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Constant professional training through volunteering

There are hundreds of different ways to train. Some people choose to go to University or a training course, where others prefer volunteering. My mom for many years, has devoted numerous hours helping our school community grow. Once her boys (my brother and I) were in high school, she started helping other organizations, and now she writes math tests for a couple of GED websites.

Over the years she has held various leadership positions and later she got many well-paid jobs. These would include: tour leader, den leader, chairperson, hospitality, communications,memberships, foundation vice-president, High School secretary.
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Look Beyond the Ten Hottest Careers

better-jobJob-seekers frequently look at the ten hottest career or the highest paying career lists as a guide to which are the hottest jobs around. The more determined ones then work or study towards reaching one of these ‘hot jobs’.

In a parallel career you’re NOT looking for a better job or even a ‘hot job’. It’s because you realize thata job is only as stable as whether your boss likes you…or your boss’ survival in the company…or the survival of the company…or other factors beyond your control.

You’re looking for something that lasts long-term, something you can develop while you still have a job. You are not looking for short- to medium-term gratification.  In your quest for a parallel career, the ten hottest career or highest paying career lists are used only as indicators of what jobs (and hence skillsets and know-how) are in high demand in the marketplace.

LOOK FOR TRENDS INSTEAD looks beyond the Ten Hottest Career or the Highest Paying Career lists. It looks at trends instead…social trends, technology trends, product trends, business trends, all-kinds-of trends. Look at these trends before deciding on the choice of your parallel career.
Trends + Assets & Skillset = Parallel Career Opportunity

Forget the ten hottest career or highest paying career lists! When you spot trends and combine them with your Assets and Skillset you’ll find parallel career opportunities…not jobs. Look at these examples: Continue reading

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NASA MUST Student Scholarships and Grants

Students who wish to apply for full scholarships or partial grants should complete and submit the “Scholarship Application” attached herewith. The MUST Centre bases its selection criteria on a series of requisites that the prospective candidate must meet as outlined below:

  • The scholarships are designed for students who are registered full time in the MUST Centre, have an outstanding academic record and obtain excellent marks and are exempted from the MUST Entrance Examination.
  • The selection is based on both the student’s academic record as well as his/her family’s income.
  • The scholarships awarded may cover a minimum of 15% of the total costs of academic tuition fees (excluding the pre-inscription fees). Continue reading
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Unemployment drops once again. People out of work know different

$862 billion created millions of new jobs and saved the unemployment rate from going to above 10%. That is what politicians want us to believe. People out of work or looking for work know different, a lot different. They know that employers are not really hiring and those that are want the cheapest people they can get, not the best.

First let’s be clear about the cause of the current economic funk: people are not feeling good about their personal economic situation and have curtailed spending. One major market research company even said that we’re seeing a basic shift in the way consumers spend money that is not going to diminish once the economy improves.


What has happened is that as consumers “nest eggs” (homes) have lost their value they were given the shock treatment that they don’t have enough money to continue to purchase things they want: now it’s about purchasing things they need and even then they are spending less money. Continue reading

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Grants from the GSA, Private Schools and Pell Grants


The Geological Society of America is set up to promote and enhance geological sciences in road-to-choosethe service of the humankind and stewardship of the world. The organization is committed to provide student research grants to students who are attending research based degree programs. This is to foster studies by students who are either in their senior year of their undergraduate studies, or at the Masters or Ph.D level.
Students who long to contribute to the progression of geosciences can apply for the Geological Society of America grant program. Nearly half of grant applicants are approved for funding through this particular program. Although the GSA is open to both Americans and non-Americans, grants are awarded only to the members of the organization. The primary role of the program is to support students who are enrolled in colleges or universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Central America in pursuing their thesis research in geological sciences. Continue reading

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Robert C Byrd Scholarship Program

If you are a parent or a student worried about the rising cost of education, the Robert C. 01bfedfByrd Honors Scholarship Program can help you obtain a degree without having to worry of school expenses. The prestigious scholarship is funded by the federal government that is administered on the state level to senior high school students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.

Applicants who show high academic standing in high school must promise to maintain continuous achievement in the pursuit of their secondary education. Awardees are selected on the basis of class rank, GPA, SAT or ACT assessment ratings, among other curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In addition, one important requirement for the Robert C. Byrd scholarship is a copy of the letter indicating one’s acceptance into a college or university.  Continue reading

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Scholarships in Oklahoma Guide

Children’s Scholarship Fund in Oklahoma

oklahoma-signNowadays there are various scholarships available for different levels and categories of students. These scholarships are typically offered to all underprivileged students who aim to pursue higher education. If you are a parent, you sure have wished to send your children into a private educational institution. Oftentimes, students of under-performing schools are influenced by drugs and gangs resulting to poor values and education.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund is an American privately-funded program that offers assistance for low-income families. The main goal of the program is to help less-fortunate kids receive high quality education through their enrollment into private schools. The program was founded in 1998 by Theodore Forstmann and John Walton. And since it was established there are over 1.25 million of hopeful children who have already applied for scholarships. The Children’s Scholarship Fund, however, does not provide full-financial scholarship assistance. This requires the parents to contribute to the children’s overall educational costs wherein parents would typically shoulder half of their child’s tuition. Continue reading

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Understanding the FSEOG Grant Program

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), like many other fseog-grant imagefederal funded grants, is designed to cut off tuition and other school related expenses for students who are in need of financial help. To qualify for the FSEOG program, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application form. This is to determine the Expected Family Contribution, which is measured with the following factors: the family’s size, family’s income level and net assets. The program grants the money to students who have the lowest EFC. Eligible students (with significant financial need) can use the grant money to nearly 4,000 colleges and universities.

The amount of FSEOG grants that are being awarded to eligible students are actually influenced by the educational institutions involved in this particular program. The money is granted to students who are either currently enrolled or are approved for enrollment in their preferred educational institution. Likewise, it is essential to know that awardees of the Federal Pell Grant are being prioritized for the FSEOG program. Continue reading

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2015 Scholarship Grants

Everybody understands that education is definitely does not come cheap. And as over the past years the cost of living has also gone through the roof, it has become increasingly difficult for most of us to survive with a rigid monthly financial budget. So it is quite understandable that scholarships have become indeed a wonderful life savior aid for the disadvantaged citizens of this country. More and more people find it extremely challenging to make ends meet. On top of it you can also find so many scholarships available to qualified applicants to meet up with their existing and future needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few 2014 scholarships that are established to enlighten your life for a considerably long time. Continue reading

Debunking the Myths of Online Management Courses

online-offerings2Today I have something different for you, I want to talk to about a distance-learning course, you are sure to come across various kinds of advice. Some will tell you it is a great idea while others would say it is just a waste of time. How do you separate the misconceptions from the facts? Here is a quick glance at the common misconceptions.

MythThese courses are completely different from traditional ones.

Fact: Open learning gives students the opportunity to enhance knowledge while handling other responsibilities. The only difference between online courses and traditional ones is the method of delivery. No other difference exists.

MythThese are much easier than their traditional counterparts are.

Fact: Suppose you enrol in the management courses offered by Kaplan Open Learning. The enrolment criteria, the admission procedure, the course, the assessments, and all others are similar to anything you experience in any full-time course.

MythThese courses have no time schedule. Continue reading

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